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BMW Bush Press
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  • This machine presses a brass bush and ‘O’ring into a plastic housing to a tolerance of +0, -200microns
  • The operator inserts an ‘O’ring onto a brass bush and puts the bush in a moulded,plastic housing.
  • The loose assembly is placed into a fixture(through a light guard) on an 8 position, rotary indexing table.
  • Sensors on the machine, detect the presence of all parts in the assembly.
  • The brass bush is heated to 300’C using induction heating(without heating the plastic housing).
  • The brass bush is pressed into the plastic housing, melting the plastic and making a gas tight seal during the pressing process.
  • The pressed assembly is cooled via water cooled tooling.
  • The press(bush) depth is checked around the complete circumference of the bush by rotating a scanning laser , above the assembly.
  • Parts which are out of tolerance are rejected via a pick and place robot to a locked, rejects container under the bench.
  • The machine is fully guarded and interlocked and access is via a safety light curtain.
  • The system is controlled via a PLC and there is a touchscreen HMI display for setup and status display.
  • This is an installation in the Czech republic for BMW.