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Automation Example: Conveyor system for construction bead

Expamet 28Aug07 1b4 Jpeg3 AB8 exit conveyor2 ejector1
  • This is a complete transfer system to transfer pressed and punched product from one production line to the next, so that the product output from 2 machines can be collated(boxed) at one point.
  • 2 linear conveyors transfer the product 4m horizontally.
  • 2 inclined conveyors transfer the product a further 2m at  right angles to the linear conveyors and raise the product 1m to the collating point.
  • Powered ejector wheels, drive the product  from the linear conveyorsand onto a ‘tipping table’. The ‘tipping table’ stops the product and ‘tips’ it onto the inclined conveyors.
  • The system is PLC controlled via inverters to all of the conveyor and ejector  motors and fully integrated into the press/punch equipment for Reset/Start and Emergency Stop functions. Sensors on the conveyors detect the product to allow the ‘cut-off’ length to be set and a sensor on the ‘tipper table’, ensures ‘tipping’ when the product is in the correct position.
  • Conveyor construction is via an extruded aluminium central support, with stainless steel, link chain, belting, driven between sprokets, by a motor and pulley system at one end.
  • The conveyors are fully guarded to avoid possible ‘nip’ points and the equipment is CE marked.
  • This is a UK installation .