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Jaguar Astray Assy.

Automation Example: Jaguar ashtray assembly line.

  • This is a complete assembly line for a 22piece, automotive ashtray assembly.
  • The construction is based around a master/slave bench system with the various assembly stations on pallets.
  • Each of the 6 pallets has a single umbillical connection to the master electronincs enclosure(under the bench on the left)
  • Any pallet can be put in any pallet position and new pallets can be added to perform a new process.  Only the software changes .
  • Pallet 1(station1, far left) is a manual assembly station.
  • Pallet 2 has 2 toggle presses to insert a connector and a damper.
  • Pallet 3 has 2 toggle presses to insert a damper and a cam.
  • Pallet 4 has 2 toggle presses to insert a pair of metal clips and the cigar lighter assembly.
  • Pallet 5 has 2 toggle presses to insert a metal grill into the ash box and to press together the lid assembly.
  • Pallet 6 is a screw insertion station with automatic screw feed and an electric screwdriver.
  • The user interface is via an HMI display which prompts the operator as to the current operation and alert(alarm) if the assembly is performed in the wrong sequence.
  • This basic ‘intelligent pallet’ concept is to be extended for other products where the production volumes dictate that the same master and slave benches can be used, by changing the pallets and software, BUT retaining the bench and electronics and pneumatics controls.
  • This is a UK installation .