Spin Capping Machine
  • ’Spins’ the cap to the base of a half inch thermostat cap.
  • The thermostat is rotated between 2 nest fixtures.
  • Pin Carousel - using the measurement from the Pin Gauging, the Carousel rotates to present the pin container with the required pin size to a fixed position, next to the cleaning station Thus, the operator always picks up a pin from the same position and does not have to look for the correct pin.
  • Pin length checking - the thermostat with the pin is measured again to check that the chosen pin is the correct length.
  • Throughput of 400 to 500 parts per hour from a single operator
  • Microprocessor control with keyboard and display.
  • Standalone machine requires only clean, dry compressed air. and 220VAC power.
  • Small size : 700mm x 350mm x 350mm
  • Low weight: 35kg
  • More than 30 sold so far in China and Vietnam.
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