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Toggle Press

This Toggle or Overcentre press was originally designed for a specific automation project.  The design specification required that 8 toggle presses be mounted, side by side, for the step by step assembly of an automotive component.  Thus, the toggle presses had to be compact and very slim(50mm wide), and easily tooled and adjusted(extruded construction).

pressfront1 pressmain pressside2
  • Toggle press for the assembly of press together plastic and metal parts.
  • 100mmx50mm Aluminium extrusion construction.
  • Only 50mm wide.
  • Toggle(overcentre/overstroke) action with 40mm stroke.
  • Press force 25Kg.
  • Drive shaft =10mm silver steel in 3 linear bushings.
  • Weight, 8Kg approx.; Height 500mm approx.; Width 50mm; Depth 220mm
  • Extruded construction allows base tooling and parts storage to be attached to the main vertical support.
  • Press height adjustable on the main extruded vertical section.