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Dear Prospective customer,

At Thermulan we have a small team of enthusiastic engineers with many years experience in a wide range of manufacturing disciplines, practiced throughout the UK and abroad.


  • Industrial Automation - from simple fixtures to complete turnkey systems
  • Machinery upgrades - modifications to existing machines for new product variants
  • On-site breakdown assitance for electrical and mechanical equipment
  • Electrical/Pneumatics control panel design and manufacture
  • PLC/PC Software development and modification
  • Mechanical design
  • Precision engineering -  from your own drawings or ours or copying/modifying existing parts


  • Bimetallic thermostat production and test equipment.
  • Manual toggle press.


  • New 2500sq.ft factory in North Hylton Enterprise Park, Sunderland
  • Mechanical workshop with turning,milling,grinding,welding
  • Electronics workshop with electrical test, wirng, pcb design/prototyping facilities
  • CAD facilities for mechanical and electrical design         
  • If you require any of the above services or have any other mechanical or electrical requirements please call Joe Mulholland on 0773 842 8292 or                       email joe@thermulan.com.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,

Joe Mulholland, Thermulan,0773 842 8292  


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