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Vision Checker

Automation Example: 2 camera inspection, for automotive asssembly.

DRX vision3
  • This is a complete, self contained, 2 camera, vision checker/test/marking machine for an automotive ashtray assembly
  • 2 cameras take 32 pictures, to identify 22 separate parts on the assembly.
  • The part is lodaed manually through an interlocked door, onto a fixture on a servo driven rotary table.
  • Camera 1 is mounted directly above the rotary table.
  • Camera 2 is mounted in a servo driven linear slide.
  • The part is oriented by the servos so that all of the parts of the assembly can be photographed individually.
  • The equipment incorporates pneumatically driven test probes, for electrical checks and led illumination both through(under) the rotary table and from one side.
  • There is also a pneumatically controlled, lid opening mechanism, above the turntable and a pneumatically driven ‘spike’ to mark product which ‘PASSES’ all tests. FAILED product is not marked.
  • The status of the test is shown on a touchscreen HMI.
  • The same machine is to be used for other products in the future, by retooling the rotary table and reprogramming the vision controller and the system PLC.
  • This is a UK installation .